Love, knowledge, skilled hands:

our background

Arzignano, 1993

Bolcato Stefano - Claudio Bolcato, Arzignano 1993

The company BOLCATO STEFANO GROUP S.r.l. deals with the construction of custom-made tannering machines. These are exported around the world.

In particular it manufactures wooden soaking, liming, tanning, retanning, dyeing drums.

It also produces different type of equipment and components needed during the full production cycle of the leather processing. Moreover, it makes available a wide range of spare parts, offering both new and second-hand alternatives.

The company was founded in 1993 by Mr. Bolcato Claudio, thanks to his former 20-year strong working experience.

Arzignano, 1995

Arzignano, 2003

Today also his two children belong to the group: Stefano, who is a mechanical engineer and production manager, got started following in his father’s footsteps since he was a child; while Michela manages the business office activities and at the same time she attends a postgraduate degree in Language Mediation and Environmental

Arzignano, 2019

Bolcato Stefano - Michela Bolcato, Arzignano 2019

The BOLCATO STEFANO GROUP S.r.l. is supported by a strong team, who works in all company departments, and it provides a specialized technical staff to offer a mantainance service also directly at the tanneries, together with an after sales service in Italy and also in foreign countries.


The BOLCATO STEFANO GROUP S.r.l. especially in last years it has even more organised its facility optimising the ability to come by and to repair and regenerate as new all second-hand parts.

In other words, their mission is also to give a second life to tannery’s machines and items.